CRaymak has released his vibrant, sonically pleasing, and hard-hitting “Abstraction” as a free download on Circus Records. CRaymak is a Nova Scotia native with fifteen years worth of jazz and classical music training. This allows for maximum versatility both musically and technically. His utter legendary technique sets him leaps and bounds apart from any other bass music producer.

The free download of “Abstraction” is truly what makes CRaymak a bass music icon. His dedication, passion, and sonic maneuverability throughout “Abstraction” is paramount to the CRaymak name. The buildup is filled with arpeggios that fade into bit-crushed wonderland. The drop in this slamming tune is what catches the listener by complete and utter surprise, and brings this stunning bass piece to new levels. With a kick that’s heavier and filthier than pigs in mud, “Abstraction” is sure to weigh down your bass playlist and abstract the hell out of it.

This is a free release you won’t want to miss on downloading. Get CRaymaked via the link below.

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