HARIZ has released his debut release called “OVRBRD,” and Zookëper has laid out his style and flavor to the track. It’s filled with an astounding amount of bass-heavy percussion and razor-sharp synth stabs. “OVRBRD” charted on Hype Machine, was featured in New Music Friday Netherlands, Italy, Fresh Finds: Hiptronix, Rhythm & Baws, and Lavorare con la musica on Spotify. No doubt that HARIZ is making waves, especially for a debut. HARIZ and Zookëper have every intention of continuing to go overboard.

Zookëper has had an impressive year by supporting the sounds of Tritonal and Bingo Players. Zookëper is also one of the original co-founders of the iconic Cash Cash. His remix of “OVRBRD” is leaps and bounds ahead of any future bass out there. The synth/brass-sounding stabs are what make Zookëper’s remix what it is. Perhaps the most memorable element of this remix is the sliding synth melody that occurs during the drops. Its elegance and not-over-done quality is what really makes this remix stand out among others within the future bass genre pool.

Be sure to give the remix a listen below. It’s sure to throw you overboard.

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