Martin Garrix has a new house alias called Ytram, and the revelation of such was nothing less than spectacular.

This past weekend, the Dutch trendsetter’s new imprint STMPD hosted a stage at Tomorrowland in which the label took to showcase new and underground talent that festivalgoers may not know otherwise. One of these acts, Ytram, took to the stage during the day to play to a modestly sized crowd. The masked and hooded figure danced passionately and intensely while the crowd appeared to be enthused.

Hold on a second, Ytram is Marty spelled backwards!

At some point in the set, the artist took off the mask and sweatshirt to reveal that he was, in fact, Martin Garrix, the label head himself. The crowd, growing in numbers, went wild.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Martin Garrix making music under a different alias. Since 2013, the act GRX has been active as an outlet for Martin’s trap productions. Just recently, Area21 came to fruition, which is a duo of Garrix and rapper Maejor. Is Garrix on a path to join the likes of Eric Prydz and make music under a vast variety of aliases? We wouldn’t be opposed to it.

Watch Ytram come to life: