There is a new collab alert on the horizon! While RL Grime is on his huge Aussie tour, he says that he’s excited to connect with one of Australia’s biggest producers and prodigies, Flume.

RL Grime shared a mashup of his 2016 single “Aurora” prior to visiting the Aussie land, which has definitely sparked the fire for a possible collab between the two dudes. As RL Grime was chatting it up with triple j Breakfast, he confirmed that a collaboration is definitely not out of the question, especially due to Flume relocating to Los Angeles.

In the full statement, RL Grime says “I’ve been good friends with him for a long time, four, five years now. I hope we do something together soon. He just moved to L.A. and we’ve been chatting a bunch about working together, so hopefully.”

Hopefully this masterpiece happens sooner than later! You can check out the rest of RL Grime’s tour by clicking here.

(triple j)