“I feel like without SoundCloud, I wouldn’t even be right here.” – Lil Tracy

Pouya, Fat Nick, and Lil Tracy star in the first episode of SoundCloud Next Wave, a documentary focusing on young artists who have grown to stardom thanks to the streaming platform. Titled “Degenerate Generation,” the episode begins with rappers Pouya and Fat Nick sitting in a Los Angeles living room and reminiscing on their childhoods and how their friendships with each other, and with SoundCloud, formed.

With SoundCloud’s future up in the air, despite issuing a statement proclaiming they’re “here to stay,” the company is facing a lot of backlash from fans and artists alike. The SoundCloud Next Wave docuseries, which brings a positive light to the brand, will air every month throughout the rest of 2017.

Watch the first episode of the series on SoundCloud’s YouTube channel below.