Listening to BlackGummy’s new Monolith EP feels like stepping into a portal that leads to a futuristic, dystopian world ruled by techno overlords. It is the LA-based producer’s third EP that completes his arcing series of projects that include Singularity and Impactor, dating back to February of 2016.

What I love about BlackGummy, Monolith, and his whole series of EPs is the clear direction that he takes with his music. This isn’t just a project full of bangers, it’s a work of art with a story. The story isn’t explicit, but once you begin listening, it seems to form effortlessly in your head. Monolith in particular seems like it would be a perfect soundtrack to a dark, cutting edge sci-fi movie set in the distant future. Each track flows perfectly into the next one, to the point where it you can hardly tell when they switch.

With BlackGummy’s EP that arrived today, and Rezz’s album coming out very soon, mau5trap is showing their listeners that they deserve to be in the top tier of dance music record labels. Go ahead and stream the Monolith EP below:

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