Drake is taking a turn from his usual hip-hop sound, and we’re excited. 

Drake recently sampled some dubstep on his forthcoming single and fans are already waiting in anticipation. The sample originates from Peverelist, a UK-based DJ and producer, in his track titled “Roll With the Punches”. Drake’s upcoming single can be heard in a video uploaded to Twitter by Gervonta Davis, where you can see Drake and three other men running and hear the upcoming single in the background. Check out the video here:


Not much is known about the upcoming single, except for the fact that it samples Peverelist’s “Roll With the Punches”, and while Drake isn’t the first rapper to sample EDM he is likely the most well-known. This is great news for Peverelist, and for EDM in general, as it will provide Peverelist with some much deserved increased attention  for his jam “Roll With the Punches”, which you can listen to here.