Turn your Monday upside down with an energetic and innovative new album from Ethnikman.

Creatively dubbed ‘Ethnic House,’ Ethnikman’s Yassine Arrahil takes house music into new territory with his massive productions. His refreshing take on the genre makes for a well-rounded and exceptionally pleasing EP, titled Ahwach. The album, which consists of 18 tracks, showcases Ethnikman’s diverse influences of Gnawa, Ahwach, Chaabi, Berber folk, and Sufi music. (And of course, electronic.)

Each track title on the collection was named after Moroccan villages that are defined by folkloric music and native chants, such as “Chefchaouen,” “Telouat” and more. With each track, the Amsterdam-based artist challenges the fundamentals of house music in an effort to bring the Northern African culture to dance floors everywhere.

Listen to Ahwach below, out now on Beatport.


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