Seven Lions dropped a hot new track earlier this year called “Higher Love,” alongside Jason Ross featuring Paul Meany. The song is full of energy and draws you in with enchanting melodic progressions, featuring other worldly sounds.

Now, the track is making its way back, but with a twist by producers Grum and Spencer Brown. “Higher Love” (The Remixes) EP features the two special artists who deliver spellbinding remixes, both brimming with enchanting sounds, body-moving beats and soul-touching house vibes.

The two producers take an already killer track and elevate it to a whole new level. With the haunting, echoing vocals of Paul Meany, the track’s dreamy rhythm picks up fantastical synths, slowly building out to a tech-like bliss.

Between Grum’s tech-house taste and Spencer Brown’s progressive finesse, the “Higher Love” remixes are sure to make a set appearance at every popular music festival. Experience the remixes below: