The music industry is one based on entrepreneurship, and WeTransfer might be the company to incentivize the next big thing.

After SoundCloud’s highly public firing of a whopping 173 employees (40% of the company’s staff), an open letter titled “173 ideas” hit The article, written by WeTransfer president Damian Bradfield, offers the 173 former SoundCloud employees $10,000 to “start something.”

The letter begins with a recap of Bradfield’s experience at the Tech Open Air Conference in Berlin, where he delivered a talk about “Data Theft, Distrust, and Digital Stockholm Syndrome.” This talk took place just before a “tough” interview with SoundCloud founder Alex Ljung, which inevitably touched on the firings. Ljung mentioned a Google Doc which includes information about the fired employees and employment opportunities.

At this point, Bradfield, after declaring that he had stopped listening, had an epiphany to a journalist beside him: “What if each and every one of them had been offered ten thousand dollars to refrain from getting a job?”

And believe it or not, Bradfield plans to follow through with this.

WeTransfer has been known as a charitable company, as they give away 30% of earnings to support the arts. Bradfield goes on to explain that these employees, trained in both tech and music, likely have the potential to create something new to change the industry.

After all, wouldn’t we all want more options than just SoundCloud, YouTube, and streaming services? At the end of the day, entrepreneurial endeavors have the power to move the industry forward.

The full article is both motivating and insightful, and it displays a photo of a letter sent to the former SoundCloud employees from WeTransfer. You can read the full thing here.