Trolley Snatcha brings the heat once again with his brand new Get Physical EP, creating ear-blistering jams that we can’t get enough of.

Out now through Never Say Die Black Label, the title track starts things off, building through a shell of pitched vocals and ultimately unleashing into a fury of scratching bass and pumped up builds. From there, the EP’s center tracks, “Fools Gold” and “Big Belly” provide a perfect stylistic juxtaposition; “Fools Gold” engages an aggressive barrage of rattling noise and grimy undertones, while “Big Belly” takes a trap lean alongside a chaotic drop sequence.

Then comes the almighty closer “Froggy,” the belle of the ball, if you will. This dynamite composition doesn’t just detonate speakers on impact, but it also has the potential to literally make heads explode.

Trolley Snatcha’s Get Physical EP is available now and can be purchased by clicking here.

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