After rumors about Gary Richards, aka Destructo, retiring from his duties as the host of HOLY SHIP! made rounds across the Internet today, the HARD Events founder took to his Facebook page to make an official announcement.

To all the HARDfam & Shipfam :

I am leaving Live Nation after this week’s Hard event to pursue an incredible new opportunity that I will share with everyone in the weeks to come.

Accordingly, I will not be attending or curating the next Holy Ship cruise event in 2018.

I have the utmost respect for Michael Rapino and Live Nation.

Let’s make this week’s 10th anniversary show the best HARD event ever!

Gary Richards AKA Destructo

Since Live Nation is in control of all of the HARD events as well, it is still up in the air as to what will happen with festivals like HARD SUMMER after this year. Hopefully we will hear more about his new opportunity soon, but for now, it still seems as if HOLY SHIP! will go on.

Rumors about his oust from the company received major backlash from DJs and fans alike, who voiced their opinions on Twitter. A petition had been made before Richards’ announcement, threatening that #ShipFam would no longer attend the festival if he leaves. You can read more about that here