Noise Cans has released the music video for his politically-charged protest song “No War” with Jesse Royal. “No War” is the single off of his forthcoming Masquerave EP. Royal’s vocals are the signature sound in “No War.” They carry the power, unity, and passion for the anti-war subject matter throughout the entire piece. The song premiered on Mass Appeal, and the video was directed by Cameron Busby, really bring Noise Cans and Royal’s vision to life. The song and video has been released on Dim Mak.

“I’ve always turned to music to get me through whatever was going on in my life, and given everything happening in the world today, I felt I had to address it and offer some sort of relief and positivity. I hope ‘No War’ becomes an anthem for peace and change.” – Noise Cans

Jesse Royal is being hailed as the leader of the “Reggae Revival” movement. His passion for peace goes all the way back to his childhood to when he became friends with Ziggy Marley and Daniel “Bambaata” Marley. He continues to share his message of love and peace through music during the “Reggae Revival” movement. Royal’s message is definitely one we can all get on board with.

Give the music video a view below:

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