French DJ and producer Tchami is a big name when it comes to future house, which is a widely known sub-genre throughout the electronic music scene. His remixes and sample-based tracks have continued to gain a lot of attention, after he achieved success with his first single “Promesses.”

After dropping his latest single, “World To Me,” featuring Luke James on his own label Confession, the Miami-based producer has shared a video to go along with it. The track, which is from his highly anticipated upcoming EP, Revelations, gives off an upbeat chill vibe with future house sounds. Luke’s vocals on the track portray the beautiful meaningful statement, “you mean the world to me,” while giving a relaxed, uplifting melody.

“World To Me” tells the story about a young small-town girl who became seduced and infatuated with the relentless modernism of a new city and all that it has to offer. She eventually falls in love with her partner, with whom she embodies the same philosophy of destructive youth.

However, after the honeymoon phase wears off, her relationship crumbles as her partner falls for another person within the friendship group. The call of the spirits from her past edge into her life, in the form of chrysanthemum petals, which symbolize purity. After believing that the spirits are malicious, it is revealed that they call her back to her origins in order to help her find peace in the balance of both worlds she inhabits. It’s a classic story of yin and yang, a harmony only sustained by not foregoing one half for the other.

The final scene is both a literal and metaphorical ending for the young woman, as she manages to find peace.


July 5— Pardon My French—Ibiza, Spain

July 7—Electric Love —Plainfeld, Austria

July 8—Alfa Future Festival—Bolshoye Kzino, Russia Federation

July 9—Cavo Paradiso (w/ Mercer)—Mykonos, Greece

July 12—Pardon My French —Ibiza, Spain

July 14—Electrobeach—Le Barcares, France

July 16—Dour Festival—Dour, Belgium

July 21—Dune—La Grande Motte, France

July 22—Lollapalooza —Paris, France

July 24—Aquarius Club ZRCE —Novalja, Croatia

July 28—Tomorrowland—Boom, Belgium

August 3—Weekend Festival Baltic—Parnu, Estonia

August 4—Weekend Festival Helsinki—Helsinki, Finland

August 5—HARD x PMF—Los Angeles, CA

August 6—VELD Music Festival—Toronto, CA

August 11—Utopia Island—Moosburg An Der Isar, Munich, Germany

August 12—Dreambeach—Almeria, Spain

August 19— Springinsfeld—Cologne, Germany

August 21—Pardon My French Amnesia —Cap D’Agde, France

August 26—Creamfields—Dansbury, UK

August 27—SW4—London, UK

August 30—Pardon My French—Ibiza, Spain

September 2—Electric Zoo—New York, NY

September 3—SCMF—El Paso, TX

September 24—Life Is Beautiful—Las Vegas, NV

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