Denver has just signed a 5-year contract with Superfly Productions that will result in a brand new 3-day music festival for the city. The production company also co-produces two very popular music festivals: Bonnaroo and Outside Lands.

After a 10-3 vote, the city council approved for the event to be placed at Overland Park Golf Course. Starting next year, the festival will be held on the second or third weekend of September. Promoters estimate about 30,000 to 40,000 people being drawn to the event in its first year. As the festival matures throughout the years, the attendance will be capped at 80,000.

The event is currently unnamed, however, Superfly promises a wide variety of acts ranging from local talent to the bigger names in the music industry. There will also be involvement from local food and drink vendors.

City council member Jolon Clark believes that the festival will be a great addition to the city. The signed contract contains provisions for the neighborhood, which include safety and revenue. Meanwhile, Councilman Kevin Flynn poses a different thought on the festival. “Just in my gut, it seems like the wrong location to me,” said Flynn.

Once the festival begins to attract festival goers and reaches an attendance rate of 70,000, the profits are estimated at $2 million. Superfly promises to pay a lease of $200,000 per year for the five weeks that follow Labor Day, this includes set-up and teardown of the event.

The city will also benefit from a 10 percent seat tax on ticket buyers. Each ticket will include a $2 fee for a golf fund and another $1 for a community fund. There is an anticipated net of “five to six figures” each year, according to promoters. Superfly is also responsible for the restoration of the golf course after the festival ends.

Doors are expected to open September 2018.