If you thought Louis The Child couldn’t get any better, think again. Just yesterday, the duo released an epic 25 minute mix via SoundCloud, titled “Candy.” They described this fantastic set as “a collection of ideas and songs we’ve made over the past few years. All music is unreleased.”

This could possibly be the best music they have released since the beginning of their career. It doesn’t end there, though. They have also put out a visual companion to go along with their multi-genre sounded mix. Although this is primarily an instrumental set, it’s clear once you listen that vocals are simply not necessary.

Ever since their semi-recent release of the Love is Alive EP, they have been fairly quiet. Now we all know why. It’s common knowledge that most artists have tons of unreleased music in their back pockets. It’s always a nice feeling to see them put it out for the world to hear. You can check out the visual companion to “Candy” below:

You can get the free download right here!