Last year, we put together a list of female producers that you need to know. Since then, it has been brought to our attention that a lot of non-male acts still go unnoticed. Since there are heaps of ladies killing it on a daily basis, we wanted to bring some light to those individuals.

Luckily, our good friend Røhaan graced us with a dope list of badass female artists, so the next time someone says they don’t know of any, send them this post. Think we should know about someone else? Tweet at us here.

“So as of recent, I’ve noticed a lot of talk about how there isn’t female talent in the music scene.. I beg to differ. – Røhaan

He says, “There are thousands of talented female artists out there. Here is just some of the huge list that I chose to spotlight today!” Check out Røhaan’s full list below and follow him here.

Fluxxy [Producer/Vocalist]
Genres: Ambient, Wave, Lo-fi

Fluxxy has been killing the game consistently for a while now, ranging from her vocal talent to her creative original production techniques. Living in NYC, she has created a name for herself as a solo artist, as well as the owner of the mind-blowing collective ‘Lotus Mob.’

Connect with Fluxxy:

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adelineum [Vocalist]
Genres: Pop, Jazz, Acoustic 

Miss Um is the definition of quality over quantity. Her voice resonates this pure free-flowing jazz vibe, while also pulling at your heart strings! Her most notable achievement is reaching 77,000 plays on her cover of “What A Difference A Day Makes.”

Connect with adelineum:

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Jody Jody [Producer/Vocalist]
Genres: Indie, Ambient, Soundtrack

When I discovered Jody Jody, I genuinely got goosebumps for the first time in a good half year! Her single “Trap” is a pure masterpiece! A huge guitar solo leads you into the dark, while her voice is that light at the end of the

Connect with Jody Jody:

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im_pakt [Producer]
Genres: Future Bass, R&B, Electronic

Is it sunny where you are? Doesn’t matter, as any of im_pakt’s music will be force feeding you the summer vibes in huge doses! Except genuinely well produced future bass and half-time tracks with some impressively clear vocals.

Connect with im_pakt:

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PAIGE [Vocalist]
Genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic

BOOK THIS GIRL! Taken aback by PAIGE’s voice! The vocal melodies, harmonies and crisp vocal production all add up to the perfect blend! She has a great collection of upbeat summer tracks, to ‘sitting with a hot chocolate on a rainy day’ kind of tracks. Go listen!

Connect with PAIGE:

Twitter / Instagram / SoundCloud

Amparo [Producer]
Genres: Ambient, Chillwave, Electronic

Some amazing euphoric chord progressions coming from Amparo! She’s been able to capture this sense of journey as well as originality within her music! Her ‘Isolated Island’ EP shows exactly what she is capable of! All around great production showing some new possibilities of the stereo field.

Connect with Amparo:

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Yomí [Harpist/Producer]
Genres: Electronic, Indie, Ambient

You don’t see a combination like this every day. Yomí has this original blend of harp-playing with a great vocal depth! The perfect music for a pregame, Yomí has been able to create catchy leads while keeping very true to her consistent style.

Connect with Yomi:

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uumamii [Vocalist]
Genres: Electronic, R&B/Soul 

Some seriously visceral sounds coming from uumamii! I was in the perfect mindset when I discovered her! R&B soul vibes shine straight through her music–notably the saxophone that captures her track “beacauseofu.”

Connect with uumamii:

Twitter / Instagram / SoundCloud

JEANIE [Producer]
Genres: Trap, Bass, Experimental

Hailing from Brooklyn, USA, JEANIE has been setting the scene for what she stands for with the boldest of statements! Hairsplitting 808s and deep trap melodies are very consistent throughout her work! Looking for music to drop in your set? Link below and get downloading!

Connect with JEANIE:

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / SoundCloud

SADIVA [Producer]
Genres: Hip-Hop/Instrumental, Lo-fi, Jazz

Sadiva has her beautiful style down to a T. Expect lo-fi hip-hop vibes with the best vocal cuts! You can instantly get a feel for her vision with the style she achieves in every track. Keep an eye out for her in the future, as I feel she will have some amazing things to show you all!

Connect with SADIVA:

Facebook / Instagram /  SoundCloud

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