Forward thinking trap duo um.. have just put forth an incredible EP, a dog’s tale, that brings together some of the best bass music producers in the game. If the talents of um.. weren’t enough already, they chose to enlist the likes of Sumthin Sumthin, Great Dane, Yheti, and Yunis. Right off the bat I knew the sound design from a dog’s tale was going to be off the chain. That was a dramatic understatement.

Every tune off of this four-track EP is absolutely killer. I was blown away at how these producers can come up with all these insane samples and sounds and bring them all together to make a cohesive song. I found out while reading their conjoined Reddit AMA yesterday that the majority of them all went to the same music production school, Icon Collective in L.A. It’s no wonder all of these collabs flow seamlessly into one another. The crew also shared some of their production techniques and noted that they would all be playing together next weekend at Shambhala.

As far as trap goes, this easily on my radar for best EP of 2017. The other contenders that I can think of right now would be Boombox Cartel, Graves, and Sumthin Sumthin. If you’re one who gets their musical rocks off to sound design and wonky bass, then this EP is a must-listen. I really hope this project puts these producers on the map, because they certainly deserve it. If you’re heading to Shambhala, there’s word that there may be a secret campsite b2b2b2b set between all the producers on this EP. Make it your duty to be there. 

Grab some headphones with some solid bass and check out the four tracks from a dog’s tale below:

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