What would Jesus do? What would Gandhi do? What would Obama do? What would Diplo do?

It’s here, and it’s just as good as you’d expect. James Van Der Beek’s portrayal of Diplo in the first episode of the Viceland series is eerily accurate, and the features by Dillon Francis and a not-actually-him Calvin Harris are on point. But “What Would Diplo Do” is about more than that.

After an opening of Diplo doing his thing, we’re introduced to an early-teenage boy named Jackson, who’s visiting his aunt as she goes to work at Mad Decent. In the same office, we see Diplo, Dillon Francis’ character Jasper and others criticize a fake “new” Calvin Harris track, calling it “early ’90s but not in a good way” and “a straight up money play.”

After Diplo mistakes Jackson for a boy whose dying wish is to meet him, the two spend a crazy day together, all the while beefing with Harris on Twitter. At a festival later that night, the two “rival” artists run into each other one-on-one, and for the sake of spoilers, you should watch the rest of it yourself.

The episode ends on a note similar to what you’d expect from Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Though it may be absurdist at points, “What Would Diplo Do” is masterfully executed. And, of course, in typical superstar DJ fashion, it makes for a great show.

Watch the first episode of the series below.