Koven & Crystal Skies’ new single, “You Me and Gravity” is powerful, ethereal, and deeply lush.

On Koven’s first Monstercat release since 2016’s Come To Light EP, the duo’s collaboration with up-and-coming Crystal Skies is nothing less than a journey. Opening with Koven’s classic breathy vocals and a soft piano, the track appears to be a soft, downtempo ballad. Then, a vast soundscape of a drop comes seemingly out of nowhere. The track’s second verse is even more cinematic, and the song concludes with what will be the most intense drop you hear all day.

The sound design featured by Crystal Skies is truly next level, further proven in their past releases. With such a high level technical skillset, the up-and-coming act is a name not to forget about.

With this year’s Koven releases, it’s become impossible to tell what’s coming next. While working in the studio, Koven is keeping fans on their feet all the while evolving to an even more mature sound.

Check out “You Me and Gravity” here:

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