In a massive interview with GQ about his tour of Africa, Diplo revealed some information about Jack Ü that we wish we didn’t see coming.

In the same interview in which we found out that Rihanna said Pentz’ music “sounds like a reggae song at an airport,” interviewer Will Welch brought up the similar upbringing of Mark Ronson, former collaborator of artists such as Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse.

After discussing the days of Pentz’ Hollertronix parties in Philly, Diplo affirmed his love for Ronson, dropping some exciting news:

Actually, me and Mark are doing a collab album. You know the album I did with Skrillex, Jack U? Me and Mark are trying to do something with disco music.

While this is absolutely wonderful news, what came next is the sad part:

Jack U was awesome, but it was very young. I want to do something that feels more my age. I feel like me and Mark can do something more sophisticated.


Having two kids at age 38, it makes sense where Diplo is coming from. At the same time, many fans have been quick to point out the fallacies behind this statement. On reddit’s r/skrillex, for example, one user left the comment, “make music for the sixteen year old inside yourself, even when you’re fifty years old.”

While this is certainly not good news for Jack Ü fans, we can never predict what Diplo will do.

Read the full interview here.