Parisian DJ/producer Dead-Tones is making a comeback with his new EP, Entropy Over Love. The EP is set to be released mid-August with five tracks, three originals and two remixes. The two remixes are done by Schlepp Geist, a regular on KATERMUKKE and Voltaire Music, and emerging producer Jake Chambers. The latter remix, titled “Where Words Fail,” features a lighter and more uplifting beat than the regular version. While both versions are enjoyable, Jake Chambers’ remix manages to capture the essence of the original “Where Words Fail” and the feeling that Dead-Tones is conveying, while putting his own unique spin on the track.

Entropy Over Love conveys a feeling of mystery, with a minimalistic sound that’s heavy on the synth. The EP is dark and introspective, yet draws the listener in and makes them want more. Check out the premiere of Jake Chamber’s “Where Words Fail” remix below.

The Entropy Over Love EP will be released on August 14, 2017 on Dialtone Records as a Beatport exclusive.

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