The business of electronic music is booming and everyone wants a piece of it. We all want to be behind the DJ booth.

However, talk is cheap and the nightclub business is grueling. The nights are long and the days are sucked up by sleep. The politics of dancing are always at play and anything can go wrong at any minute. You need a cool head combined with the stamina of an Olympic swimmer.

Deep in Miami’s concrete jungle of downtown, there exists a seeming techno utopia where music is king and sleep is for the weak–we are talking about Heart nightclub. Heart is undoubtedly one of the best nightclubs in the U.S., after being ranked as such by DJ Mag. The massive compound has hosted some of techno’s finest like Marco Carola, Chus and Ceballos, and Hot Since 82. The club is revered for its tenacious sound system and dangerously long hours.


Many people are to thank for Heart’s creation, but there is one entity who is perhaps the club’s driving force–Travis Rogers.

Rogers is Heart’s talent buyer. He is in charge of artist relations and marketing. He’s been in the game for 10 years, a length of time in that field could literally kill someone but Travis marches along just fine. In fact, he’s just warming up. His promotion company “Humans Alike” is synonymous with Miami’s dance culture.


Through humble beginnings at Club Space, to working the intimate club Steam, to now being the forefront to one of Miami’s hottest venues, we welcome Travis Rogers.

How did you become a talent buyer?

Around 5 years ago, Louis Diaz who was the talent buyer at Club Space for over 10 years took me under his wing. He had me helping out with artist relations, itineraries and even sending offers. Then shortly after I did some of my own parties at a small venue called Steam for about a year, until I was offered to help open and talent buy for Heart Nightclub. The rest is kind of history. Louis Diaz and I still work together and are partners on almost all my projects to this day.

This seems to be a dream job for clubbers and promoters. What words of advice can you guys give to someone who wants to work in the club scene? 

Be patient, willing to work hard, get use to long hours and lack of sleep, and be willing to learn from those who are more experienced than yourself.

We know other Miami clubs usually clock out around 5:00 a.m., but Heart can go for a full 48 hours. Do the hours ever get easier?

It becomes a routine like brushing your teeth. Your brain knows on the weekend it’s game time and truth is, most of this is mental. Eat well and get plenty of rest before and after these type of nights.


Do you see electronic music diving into something more underground/techno based rather than the EDM sound?

100% I do at least here in Miami. You’re rarely seeing EDM bookings in this city outside the 2 major superclubs in South Beach. Now more than ever what would be classified as “underground” can be seen on a Friday or Saturday night at least 4-7 venues throughout Miami. It’s great seeing our city heading to a more musically educated direction.

What does Heart look for when hiring new employees?

Passion. We look for people who carry the same vision as us and will be happy to be part of the team. Experience helps also!


Do you produce or DJ? Whom are you listening to when you have a moment? 

I’ve DJ’d on and off for years but nothing I’ve taken seriously. For me it’s a fun break from work or reality, plus I do love the music but with that being said, I’ve never played a gig nor do I care to pursue that. Though I’ve joked around for years I might play one day on my birthday! Don’t hold your breathe it’s always been a hobby. Currently I have a xone 92 mixer at home with a traktor setup. As for what I listen at home well that’s super broad. Anything from 60s/70s rock, 90s hip-hop, a few more current pop and rock acts and of course I listen to most genres of electronic music.

Is there anything you guys would like to add that we haven’t covered that would add to this story?  

Keep a look out on our social media, as we’re going to announce several new projects in Miami and a new club opening in South America by the end of the year. 😉

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