Droptek has been an emerging DnB producer for many years, and he’s really making waves for himself recently. His latest Fragments EP release, released July 31 on Monstercat, is breaking barriers to the electronic music an DnB music scene.

Droptek brings his non-genre conforming bass to us from across the pond in Bristol, United Kingdom. “The Covenant” and “Rupture” have already made a huge impact on the bass music scene. Fragments compiles four extremely diverse and versatile tracks that bring a surreal soundscape to them. Jolting into action on Fragments is “Mimic.” It mashes dark and exquisitely produced synth melodies that are accompanied by Droptek’s signature drum and bass breaks. “Inject” is the second piece on the hard-hitting EP that flawlessly injects into his electro vibes and influences, while the third track, “Fragments,” is more of an experimental, uncontrolled piece. To pick up the broken fragments of this EP is “Ekstasis.” It brings about his boundary-pushing spin on drum and bass.

Droptek has no intentions on slowing down on the bass music production anytime soon. Fragments is definitely an EP that will give you an ear full of sonic treats. Check out our recent interview with Droptek here. 

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