Albanian singer-songwriter Era Istrefi first experienced viral popularity with her music video “BonBon,” which has garnered over 450 million YouTube views to date and hit Top 20 on iTunes in over 20 different countries. Her follow-up anthem, “Redrum” with Felix Snow, has continued to grow at a similar pace, with over 8.1 million Spotify streams to date.

Out today via Ultra Music is a striking new remix of the single from a dance music favorite, What So Not. The Aussie DJ/producer encapsulates listeners with a softer sound than we’re used to, but it’s no less impactful than his original productions. What So Not, previously known as Emoh Instead, throws Istrefi’s vocals into a whirlwind of ominous melodies, sensual basslines, and a bumped-up tempo.

The recent HARD Summer performer’s production was actually meant to be used for the original record, but as he reveals, it “didn’t work for European radio.” 

A few months back, my friend Era Istrefi asked me to produce a record for her. I loved the guitar parts & vocal melody & immediately wrote some new vocal parts & chords. The drop actually came together by sampling my friend on an iPhone singing ‘nah nah-nah nah nah’ (possibly at a kick on).

It was a fun challenge working on a project where the focus was the vocal & the ‘song’ rather than the production & keeping everything really simple.
I can’t remember if I was too slow to turn in my version or something about it didn’t work for European radio, but Era & I both loved this version & decided to perform it at Coachella & put it out as a remix.

This is the first of many many records that i’m about to put out – What So Not

As Era Istrefi continues to blow through the ranks with chart-topping hits and an ever-growing fan base, What So Not delivers an enchanting remix that is the perfect complement to her contrastingly mellow sound.

Listen to What So Not’s remix for “Redrum” below, out now on Ultra Music.

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