Splash House is a two-weekend affair for SoCal party people with a more eclectic EDM taste, and it’s finally time to embark on the second edition of this year’s famed pool party. Fortunately, we made the trek to Palm Springs in June and now we’re here to give you some advice on how to make your August experience the best yet.

Please, learn from our mistakes and successes:

1. Never show up to a suite party without something to share.

Whatever your vice, bring some to share. No one wants to be the known moocher of the party affair; and let’s be real—there’s no other guarantee to make sure everyone else is at your level. (But, as always, party responsibly!)


2. Like a person’s ‘fit? Let them know.

Why not spread a little love? Maybe you’ll make a new friend in the process.

3. Bring a unique floaty. Triple points if it matches your swimsuit.

But it’s okay if you don’t. People are known to never even dip their toes in that murky pool water; and that’s just fine – there are alternatives for cooling off… but yes, It. Will. Be. HOT.


4. Listen to every artist before the festival starts (even if it’s just their top Spotify track).

Educate yourself on the trip over to Palm Springs. There’s nothing worse than realizing the week after an event that you missed an artist you’re currently gushing over after hearing their track on your ‘Discovery Weekly’ playlist.

5. Purposefully lose yourself. Make some new friends.

The #vibes at Splash House are on point. Just make sure to be mindful of your surroundings and stay safe.


6. Leave your suite for an artist you’ve never heard of.

Trust your friend’s suggestion. Check out the set times and pick someone random. No matter how you decide, do it.

7. Go to the Air Museum afterparties.

James Murphy (Extended Set)? Bob Moses? Sofi Tukker? The lineup speaks for itself. See you there!


Find the full lineup and grab a last minute ticket at splashhouse.com.