Kayzo, Gammer, and AU8UST have teamed up to go completely ‘Over The Edge’ with their newest hit. Both Kayzo and Gammer have left a fire trail of incredible music that have left fans in complete awe. They both sped past the finish line at EDC for Monstercat‘s Art Car, and now they’re back. The trio’s tune is heavily rooted in deep house, giving us the perfect blend of Kayzo and Gammer, featuring AU8UST’s warm pop-infused vocals. 

Kayzo and Gammer have most definitely stepped away from their typical fast-paced hardcore music and have focused their efforts in a production that truly complements AU8UST’s pop vocals. Arpeggios, deep bass, and pads flow throughout the track to push the listener to the edge, until the drop pushes them over it. The most prominent aspect of this tune is the minute and punchy kick that lets the deep house bass take the forefront. Kayzo and Gammer have most definitely pulled in inspiration from a plethora of the tunes that are dominating the pop charts, and what they’ve done works splendidly for this piece.

“So I had gotten this acapella from AU8UST earlier in the year and loved it. I sat on it for a bit because I had to finish up a few other projects. I had just jumped on a bus tour with Flux Pavilion and had some free time to start a new project. I remember being on the tour bus in Boston when the idea started to click. I texted Gammer and asked him if he wanted to get on this new record. It had a vibe that would be great for us to try something a bit outside the box. We always make crazy, fast-paced stuff, so I figured we could try something really new for the both of us.” – Kayzo

“Kayzo hit me up with this vocal and asked if I wanted to jump on, and I’m like ‘damn this is tight’ and it would be fun to do something that isn’t 150bpm ‘terrorcore.’ So we were very down to do something fun and bouncy and we did! I think we definitely accomplished what we set out to do with the track!” – Gammer

Be sure to give “Over The Edge” a listen via Monstercat below.

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