Miami’s most bohemian festival is just two months away. III Points, a festival devoted to music, art, and technology is back with a fifth installment, and there is nothing better than a music festival countdown. With that being said, we will have a featured artist from the jam-packed III Points lineup every week.

For the first feature, I couldn’t think of anyone better to introduce than Nicolas Jaar. A Chilean born in New York, Jaar is a modern-day, concrete romantic composer. His ability to derive raw emotion from the echoes of sound is something utterly unparalleled to almost anyone else.

It’s not easy to describe Nicolas Jaar’s sound. Perhaps thats why he’s revered. A floodgate of samples from all different genres revolve around his set: hip-hop, latin, funk, soul, classical, western, and electronic. Samples float in the background while a live set for the cosmos plays through the speakers. There’s a reason why he is ranked as one of the best live DJs by Resident Advisor and why a quick Shazam is impossible.

With a combination of Jaar’s exponential, experimental creativity and III Points openness to give the artist complete artistic direction, this will be a set no one on the festival grounds should miss.

Found below is Jaar’s Boiler Room set and TED Talk.

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