Borgore has always sought to entertain and shock fans with explosive music and raunchy displays of sexual behavior. Priding himself as everyone’s favorite rave daddy, Borgore has taken his interests even further, teasing listeners on Twitter yesterday with a video clip tagged to Pornhub, decorated with the simple caption, “Tomorrow.”

Today, the full music video for “Savages” has been released, and in true Borgore fashion, it pays homage to one of his favorite and most admired pastimes. The video begins with an earnest message to his fans, stating that he strayed from his humble, albeit off-color, beginnings, and now he has returned to shower his audience with what they crave most.

“For years I’ve had tits in my videos, and thought we could take a breather, you know? I thought you guys would be happy, but I keep seeing comments, and I’m over here thinking ‘you want tits? I’ll give you tits.'”

The remainder of the video is a barrage of colorfully painted lady parts against a satisfying, head-banging drop, two signature Borgore traits. The NSFW video is less than two minutes long, but manages to exceed the level of raunchiness allowed on YouTube, and thus, has found its perfect home on Pornhub instead.

Watch the hilariously naughty video for “Savages” below.

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