Diplo and director Shane McCauley just debuted the second season of their latest installment, “Blow Your Head,” which comes in the form of six short video documentaries.

The ongoing project portrays music and musicians from around the world, focusing on a specific scenario or individual as they explore South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, New Orleans and more.

“‘Blow Your Head’ is about people creating new and innovative things with simple tools. Pure creativity, talent, and an expression of youth at a time before someone tells you, ‘you can’t do that,’” said McCauley.

The short web series kicks off with McCauley and Material Culture in South Africa, living a lavish lifestyle, then transitions to McCauley exploring the development of traditional Egyptian wedding music in Cairo with musician Sadar. As season two continues, McCauley travels from city to city exploring each country’s art, fashion, dance and more, eventually discovering a 17-year-old’s music production skills from his parents’ bedroom.

“For the last eight years I have been traversing the planet documenting emerging music cultures that I felt had distinct stories and lots of heart,” said McCauley. “Their music and culture tells the story of their environment, and often what they do goes on to influence pop culture on a global scale.”

Check out Season 2 of “Blow Your Head” below.