In 2014, Kesha and Dr. Luke became involved in a legal battle when she filed a suit claiming sexual assault with the hopes that she would be able to end her contract with the producer. Earlier this year, she claimed the battle had prevented her from releasing new music, so Dr. Luke’s statement alleges she was only able to put out the album with his approval.

Now, Kesha has released her first album after five years, Rainbow, which features contributions from Eagles of Death Metal, Dolly Parton, and The Dap-Kings. The singer claims that the album, which was released Friday, is a “healing album,” allowing her to be the most “free-spirited, un-jaded version” of herself.

Her track “Praying,” which she released earlier this year, is a piano ballad about her battle against Dr. Luke and being a warrior when she came close to giving up. The song was co-written by Macklemore contributor Ryan Lewis. It’s a hopeful song, where she expresses how she almost lost the battle, singing, “Please just let me die. Being alive hurts so much,” then goes on to remove herself from the trauma, singing, “Well, you almost had me fooled.”

“Bastards” was written after Kesha kept questioning why people bullied each other, and dedicated the song to those who had a hard time dealing with it. “Let ‘Em Talk” stems from “Bastards” and talks about not caring what people think and doing what you want to do. “Woman,” which was written with Drew Pearson and Wrabel, is that uplifting, fun song that gives you motivation and being proud and confident of who you are.

Kesha admitted that she felt like she never fit in anywhere growing up, which inspired her to write “Hymn.” However, the song is not about religion. It’s about still figuring out what you believe in and the “connection you have with the universe and life.” There’s one special track on the album, “Learn To Let Go,” which Kesha wrote with her mom. It was inspired by her friend who had a certain past, but maintained a positive outlook.

The lyrics in “Godzilla” give listeners a good sense of who Kesha really is, and “Spaceship” closes out the album fusing country tunes and some psychedelic vibes. “Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle to You),” is a song Kesha’s mom wrote for Dolly Parton, making it a classic country song standard, featuring the country singer’s vocals on the track.

“Finding You” starts with a really strange, interesting, yet still beautiful guitar riff and unique melodies. “Rainbow” was the first song Kesha wrote for the album, admitting that she was in rehab for her eating disorder when she wrote the song. It turned into a promise to herself that things would get better, and it was her “mantra, because at the end of a storm comes a rainbow.”

Kesha wanted to get back into her country roots, and created “Boots” and “Hunt You Down,” which is her feminist “tongue-in-cheek response to all the outlaw cowboy songs from the male perspective about cheating women.” “Boogie Feet” is a fun, wacky addition to the album.

The album, which was released on August 11, has caught the attention from many fans, and two songs from Rainbow are currently featured on the Billboard Hot 100: “Praying” and “Learn To Let Go.” If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Kesha’s new project!

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