There’s a lot of demand going on for DJs right now. In between meetings, tours, and gigs, you also need to make sure you’re churning out quality products from time to time. But sometimes, you get stuck and become unable to move on from that beat you’ve been working on for the last three days. Suffice to say, you’ve lost some valuable time that would otherwise have resulted in new music and perhaps some money.

You want to be productive and at the same time create high quality tracks all the time. Here are important tips to achieve both. Learn more about the Secrets of Highly Successful Artists here.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less

The problem with many new DJs nowadays is that they want to try to do everything all at once. With a vision of a jet-setting DJ playing in one festival to the next, the quality of their craftsmanship can suffer. You’ll definitely need to make time for your new music, so you can both become productive and at the same time protect your standards.

Remove Distractions

Your time is your most valuable asset and you can easily waste it when distractions abound when you work. Whether you’re looking for an inspiration to get started or are halfway through audio mastering, you need to focus on one thing at a time. Turn off your television and smartphone, close your social media accounts and shut the door. Keep the creative juices flowing and take advantage at this focus to do as much as you can. 

Stick to a Routine 

DJs don’t have a defined schedule. You don’t exactly go to the office 9 to 5. Having a routine like you’re going to work will keep things moving. For instance, after a 30-minute jog or light workout, eat breakfast. Get to work and work for as long as you can, or perhaps while the creative juices are flowing. Set time aside for answering emails, drafting online posts and responding to fans. The routine doesn’t have to be the same for all DJs, but you certainly need to find one that works for you so you can maximize your time and still generate quality results.

Get Help    

Sometimes work can take a toll on you. When you feel like you have so much on your plate with little time left, don’t hesitate to get help. You can get a ghost music producer to take charge of the mastering or hire a social media specialist to respond to your fans. Understandably, you want to handle all things related to your business, but when it comes to a point when quality suffers, getting help certainly, well, helps.


Being productive while maintaining standards can demand a lot from your time and focus. Work on your strengths and improve your weaknesses to stay on track and keep coming out with relevant, high quality music in a timely way.