Malaa and Dombresky come together with no hostility to release “Hostyl.” Malaa and Dombresky are house music heavyweights and have released independently on Tchami‘s Confession label. The dark, deep, and melodic bass house track will surely cause you hostility towards other bass house genres.

“Hostyl” gives us the best of both worlds when it comes to Malaa and Dombresky. Malaa’s tech house-infused elements bring a dark and nostalgic flare, while Dombresky’s slamming bass house swings and chops further its deep and nostalgic sound. “Hostyl” most definitely secures Malaa and Dombresky’s sound for a successful summer season.

Dombresky has a unique sound that is no stranger to the Confession label. He made his debut on the label back in 2015 with his song called “Wait” and released the smashing hit, “Utopia,” at the tail end of 2016.

Malaa on the other hand has been releasing on Confession since its inception. The Spring of 2017 saw the release of Malaa’s ‘Illegal Mixtape,’ which was a monumental release for both Malaa and Confession. This not only continued to shape Malaa’s sound, but it also assisted in Confession’s sound as a whole. Not often an artist(s) can say that.

Give Malaa and Dombresky’s “Hostyl” a listen via Confession’s SoundCloud below:

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