With over 600,000 plays on Spotify from his pop tracks “Home to You,” “Because of You,” and “Rise Again,” producer Jack Taylor has now turned his attention to his love of electronic dance music.

The 19-year-old Norwegian musician’s passion for music grew at a young age when he was a member of a band. While writing and singing his own lyrics, he eventually signed to Universal Music Norway as a pop act, but his passion was always geared towards electronic progressive house. Some of his influences are Alesso, Avicii and Otto Knowns. He loves bringing in live instrumental into his performances and incorporating guitar as well as commanding the CDJs, giving the audience the full spectrum of his depth as an artist.

Taylor has just released a new remix of Avicii’s song “Without You,” which was transformed into an upbeat, heavier sounding club track. He does a great job blending progressive house and live guitar into the track, and it’s guaranteed to be heard at festivals across the world.

Check out Taylor’s “Without You” remix below:

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