Boys Noize, also known as Alexander Ridha, has grown into a successful producer and recently began working with Skrillex again on their legendary Dog Blood project. He’s created his own sound, pioneered his own brand and never fails to perform uplifting sets.

To add to all of his success, Boys Noize partnered up with Splice Sounds, a revolutionary cloud-based producer platform, for the first ever Boys Noize sample pack, including samples from his recent album, Mayday. The popular album features tracks such as “Overthrow,” “Rock the Bells,” and “Mayday,” which received huge support from fans and DJs everywhere.

Boys Noize

“Mayday Sounds include all the sounds I recorded for my latest album, Mayday. These are 100% analog recorded sounds, using diverse drum machines, synthesizer and modules, processed through all types of analog effect units. For this package, I cut out every single sound used in every song and created one-shots to put in your sample library including kicks, snares, claps, percussions, synth hits, bass hits, subs, fx hits and more. This package is more dynamic than you will find in other sample-packages, and provides more headroom to put on your own touch with your own effect processing. Enjoy!” – Boys Noize.

Check out Boys Noize’s sound pack here!