Yesterday, we revealed that ZHU had an EP arriving today and now, the time has come.

Stardustexhalemarrakechdream marks the artist’s first full body of work since GENERATIONWHY in 2016. The four-track EP features impressively unique tracks that propel ZHU to a new level of genius. “Stardust (Intro)” starts the collection off on a comfortable note, with fleeting vocals, reverberated chords and a sinister house melody–traits that we have come to know and love from the DJ/producer.

The story gets interesting with “Exhale.” Strings, trap drums and horn instruments show an explorative side to ZHU, something that continues throughout the rest of the EP. Its successor, “Chasing Marrakech,” is a complex creation, but a true monument to the out-of-the-box mindset that ZHU seems to find himself in with this EP. The track also incorporates female vocals, something that we don’t see from him too often.

Finally, the highly anticipated NERO collaboration arrives in the form of “Dreams.” An ominous and drawn-out intro are just the vehicle for the track’s punching drop. Heavy kick drums, a punching bassline, and a wicked combination of effects make the track well worth the wait.

Overall, this EP continues the legacy that ZHU has created and will reap the benefits of for years to come. Dare I even say it’s his most impressive work since “Faded.”

Stardustexhalemarrakechdream, out now on Mind of a Genius, is available now on Spotify and iTunes

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