Noise Cans is a mashup of Caribbean beats with modern day electric sounds from the Bermudian native, COLLAS. Drawing inspiration from the native Gombey carnival mascot, the island’s blend of Caribbean, African, and British culture, they incorporate carnival-like performances during sets with colorful dancers and intricate masquerade costumes.

After dropping his latest track, “No War,” featuring Jesse Royal from his forthcoming Masquerave EP, Yellow Claw put a unique spin on the Jamaican reggae single, infusing it with their hard-hitting trap sounds. The duo incorporate their signature high-energy synths and basslines into the hype track. The remix leaves Royal’s popular Jamaican vocals untouched, but turns up the dub scale by 100 levels, turning the trap hit into a club banger.

Noise Cans brings a unique experience to his listeners, giving them a carnival feel mixed with electronic vibes. Donning modern interpretations of Gombey masks, he likes to incorporate his Caribbean heritage with contemporary art, music and lights into his songs.

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