Monstercat is releasing their Uncaged Vol. 2 shortly, and three of their fastest growing artists have come together for one helluva collaboration! Grant, Anevo, and Conro come together for “Without You” to celebrate the release of Monstercat’s Uncaged Vol. 2. “Without You” features cunning and angelic vocals from the one and only Victoria Zaro. This collaboration is most definitely going to be a highlight on the compilation album.

Grant, along with Anevo and Conro, is an artist that’s quickly rising on the Monstercat label. He produces music based on life experiences and compassion. Grant knows that the community where individuals share different interpretations, a plethora of emotions, and inner discovery is absolutely the right place to be. Inspiration, love, and innovation await you when you immerse yourself in his sound.  

Anevo has brings a unique flare to the EDM game because of his electro house and “festival-focused” production skills. Based in Sweden, Anevo is exposed to an electronic music genre pool. He’s determined to hit the ears and playlists of many festival-goers, EDM junkies, and high octane club goers.

Conro is a name that is quickly becoming instantly recognizable. Conro was born into a musical family and has been exposed to music his entire life. This exposure allows him to be extremely versatile in music production. His electro house style heavily nods at his older work and blends garage, disco, and rock music influences as well. His diversity, inclusion, and immense passion for success has already garnered the attention of artists like Porter Robinson, Tommy Trash, Knife Party, and a handful more. Conro is a swiftly rising electronic music act that will soon be headlining stages around the globe.

Be sure to listen to “Without You” (feat. Victoria Zaro) on Monstercat!

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