Who would have thought that in these days of unprecedented political polarization, nightlife would be the thing that New York City lawmakers can agree upon?

Believe it or not, that actually is the case. In a recent New York City Council meeting, members voted an overwhelming “yes” to the creation of a department of nightlife.

The bill was sponsored and pushed by Rafael L. Espinal Jr., modeled after recent legislation seen in other nightlife hubs, such as London, Amsterdam and other cities with thriving club scenes. The bill is intended to connect those involved in the club industry with city officials. As a liaison, the office of nightlife will also be responsible for improving the New York nightlife scene at large. The office will have a nightlife director and a 12-member nightlife advisory board.

Push for action has come in recent years as property values constantly rise, making it harder for clubs and venues to stay afloat. In other cities which have passed similar bills, improvements have been seen in economics, communication, lawfulness and pretty much everything across the board.

Maybe the New York club scene will take off even higher than before.