A few weeks ago, Røhaan delivered an epic list of female producers for us to sink our teeth into. Now, the spotlight turns towards him for a forward-thinking new single that we’re very excited to premiere.

The U.K.-based DJ/producer combines his ingenious bass stylings with 3D basketball court samples, bouncy basslines and insane percussion for “Basketball Court.” The brand new single showcases an energetic and explorative avenue for Røhaan, but with the extraordinary detailing that we have come to know and love from him.

Røhaan emerged onto the bass scene just a little over a year ago, having secured releases on more than 14 different labels since his debut single on Crown Collective. His most noteworthy releases include “Wanderlust Opus” with Holly & First Gift on Free The Pandas and “First Of Many” with Laxcity on Jadū Dala, for which he’s even gotten a tattoo in honor of.

“I was in a little bit of a writers block and i just couldn’t make a decent bass melody for a good few days! So I decided to start a fresh and bring the bpm right down to 124. With my bonsai tree fully watered and my phone just out of battery, this was the funky bass driven piece of sound that came out of that day!” – Røhaan, on “Basketball Court”


Listen to “Basketball Court” below and make sure to keep an eye on Røhaan, because he’s only becoming more impressive with each and every release. Download here.

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