Cheshire is every funk lover’s wet dream, and if you’ve been sleeping on him, it’s time you get woke. 

The hip producer teamed up with Westwood Recordings to bring us ‘Smokescreens and Somersaults,’ Cheshire’s third gleaming album. His style and attention to detail have come full circle with this groovy album, filling the air with a perfect blend between soul, funk, hip-hop and electronica. The 10-track album is simply mesmerizing, but “Hypnotic” had to be our favorite in the bunch. 

Cheshire weaves his sound with live recording elements such as saxophone sounds, electric bass, guitar, and soulful vocals. This track is the perfect jam to take away your after-work tension. If you dig it, follow Cheshire’s socials and check out the full album on SoundCloud. 


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