Something strange is lingering in the air at Portugal’s Waking Life festival. Festivalgoers have been reported to have extreme vomiting and diarrhea following the festival that took place just about a week ago. Although the cause of this is still unknown, the festival has released a statement via Facebook. They claim:

“At the moment we are trying to figure out the exact source of the illness that has been going around. What we are sure of is that it is not the tap water which we are using since July 1st for all food preparations and drinking. Also the lake water has been tested and proven to be safe. We are aware that throughout the festival some of our medical staff have been spreading that the tap water was not drinkable. However, this was based on nothing but an assumption. Later the head of the medical team apologised for this misinformation.” 

One person describes her friends’ conditions as having to stop the car every 10 minutes so they could vomit. Other attendees described missing their flights due to the illness and losing a significant amount of money.

They have promised that there will be a full report in the near future explaining what the problem was. For now, they are advising to “take something for the stomach…It should fix you in about a day or two.” We will all be sitting closeby to figure out more details and hope that everyone heals well.

(Resident Advisor)