Up-and-coming producer Corey Smith, also known as Subfiltronik, has created a name for himself in the electronic music scene. He’s caught the attention from major bass heads with his past tracks, and most recently, “Take That!”

The Manchester-native producer released the song on August 25 on Buygore Records, and it’s already making big waves in the music scene. With previous releases on Duploc, Savage Society, and more, “Take That!” is only the beginning for Subfiltronik.

“Take That!” is a heavier and harder dubstep track, bolstering deep rooted basslines and an aggressive build up that will have listeners on the edge of their seats waiting for the crazy drop. Throughout the whole track, listeners are treated to a tremendous and sharp soundscape, all wrapped together with the classic Subfiltronik touch. The producer is making big waves in the scene, and there is no doubt that it will take over underground dance floors across the globe.

Hear “Take That” below:

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