Kloake is an emerging artist that has recently risen from the depths of the unknown. He’s throwing back to the analog days (in the 90s) that blends this nostalgic sound with modern day techno and electronica sounds. This debut for Kloake couldn’t be more perfect.

The fusion of sounds that Kloake brings about throughout “Bridges” is impeccable. Kloake uses inspiration from Deadmau5‘s “Ghosts N Stuff” organ in the beginning. “Bridges” then transforms into a powerful, ruthless future bass masterpiece. Kloake’s complementary sound design for Nez Erok’s vocals is cunning and wondrous, and it allows the depth that was intended truly be showcased. Kloake is truly pushing boundaries in this release.

Kloake is a mysterious emerging producer that is placing heavy weight on the future bass genre. This won’t, however, distract him from producing in other genres to explore the experience that is to be had when state-of-the-art visuals meets the impressive sound systems in the clubs. Try and keep an eye out for this producer. He may be hiding, but you’ll definitely be able to hear him.

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