If you’ve been to a techno show at all this summer, there is a high chance you have heard “Pachamama” by Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo. You may not have known the name but you’ll know exactly which track I’m talking about – it’s pretty unforgettable.

An absolute forceful bassline pulsates through the speakers and may shake the ground. Persistent hi-hats teeter in the background and a hypnotic siren lures unsuspecting fans into its mesmerizing aurora of sound.

Then, there is a drop. The bass, siren, and hi-hats all stop at a moment’s notice. The word “slow” starts to kick in. While experimental tension is building up, the voice keeps dropping down until the word is barley recognizable. The build-up lasts for over a minute until a climax of violent bass and hi-hats return for another round.

“Pachamama” is a modern-day take on primal techno. It’s no wonder DJs like Carl Cox, Adam Beyer and Amelie Lens have been playing this track althroughout out the summer days and evenings. Techno junkies, EDM astronauts, and Bassnectar heathens would all appreciate this ICBM of a track.

Producers Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo put the track in perspective: “‘Pachamama’ emerged in a very natural way, two friends and colleagues decide to get together in the studio and create something after an intense day of laughter, friends, food and hangover. The name is linked to what happened that day. It’s our first official sound adventure together and we’re super happy wih the result and with all the support it’s received so far.”

You can purchase “Pachamama” on Beatport via ODD Records.

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