Take the last sip of summer with KRANE as he remixes Big Gigantic’s “Odyssey Pt. 1.” KRANE’s electrifying opening is remnant of sweet choir melodies floating out an ecclesial stain glass window. Freshly coated with a gratifying entry to the build up, the drop hits like the drive down an open road: fast, with summer air floating through the windows.

“When Big G asked for this remix, I had so many ideas of where to take it I wound up making like three different remixes. But this was the one that stood out, and bringing SAINTS on board to do some ad libs just brought it all together. Couldn’t be more excited to share.” – KRANE

Hardwired with happiness that flows through the song like information to a computer, KRANE closes the track with satisfaction like a kiss at the end of a perfect date. Taking noteworthy elements of the original tune, this remix does electronic music justice, while providing an unfiltered, refreshing take on high energy, dance-worthy beats. Don’t get lost in the mayhem of Fall weather, KRANE’s music is more than likely to suck any listener back into sunny days.

You can listen to the remix here:

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