CRaymak made his debut on Circus Records with his single “Tesseract” less than a year ago. Since then, he’s continued to add fuel to the fire by releasing impressive, hard-hitting tunes like “Play With Fire” (feat. Neon Dreams).

CRaymak resides on Canada’s Atlantic coast in Nova Scotia where he is taking the local (and international) bass music scene by storm. His diverse experience and eclectic exposure to classical and jazz music heightens his productions to an entirely new level.

“Play With Fire” (VIP) is flawless in production, jaw-dropping in sound design, and out of this world in structure. It has the potential to be a go-to opening tune for DJs’ sets, including those that dominate the stages at festivals like Ultra Music Festival and EDC. CRaymak heavily infuses a unique and vast sound that doesn’t fall far from his own style. The mixture of synths, bass, and percussion throughout the track causes any eager listener to truly play with fire.

Listen to CRaymak’s “Play With Fire” (VIP) feat. Neon Dreams below:

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