Vancouver-based Sean Wharton is best known by his innovative bass moniker, On Planets. He has made impressive gains recently, and is now continuing the summer heat as Fall arrives before us. Bon Iver has evolved and become one of the most prominent indie bands today. Now, On Planets has covered the iconic indie band’s “Flume,” and it’s free for you to download.

Bon Iver’s talents are not easy to reinvent, but On Planets has managed to match Iver’s talents within this cover of “Flume.” The song is from Bon Iver’s their debut album back in 2007 called For Emma, Forever Ago. On Planets has successfully revitalized 2007 and updated it to become the new 2017 with this jaw-dropping cover. He embraces romantic and dreamy cadences throughout. It’s a blissful cover to say the least.

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