Entering fall on a break-up song packed with bite, Australian DJ What So Not serves a “bitter pill” to all exes. Constructing an intro as smooth as smoke in the air alongside vocalist LPX, a hauntingly beautiful voice of American duo MSMR, the melody delivers catchy rhyme and intense harmony as she challenges her oppressor. Whether it’s running on the treadmill, or jumping under club lights, this song’s inspirational build-up is perfect for a post break-up workout. 

Powerful lyrics and an affirming beat go to show this track’s feel of being new and improved. Listeners will put on their game face to prepare for the battle ahead. As electronic grooves intersect with hip-hop fundamentals, the raw energy of “Better” scrapes through. This is the EDM counterblow that caters to every broken heart, with self-respecting lyrics and a revenge-infused bassline. Start a new relationship with What So Not and LPX as they let everyone know exactly who’s in charge. 

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