San Fransisco locals mourn the death of DJ and LGBTQ activist Bubbles. Anthony Torres, who went by the name Bubbles, often DJ’ed outside the RS94109 record store.

Friend and local DJ Buckner Williams said, “If Bubbles came to your party, you knew it was a good f—ing party.”

Around 3 a.m. on Saturday, Torres was shot and killed near The Tenderloin, an LBGTQ-friendly strip club near the record shop. Torres’ attorney deemed this murder a hate crime.

Torres’ attorney Jim Reilly stated, “For a transgender activist to be gunned down on their own street shouldn’t stand and won’t stand.” Police have yet to release information on any suspect(s).

John Cheon, who operates his Dark Entries record label out of RS94109 wrote to Facebook: “If you were lucky enough to meet Bubbles you would never forget her, a true artist in every meaning of the word,” Cheon added. “Not of this time or planet, she was always full of the most positive energy she would excitedly share stories about launching a new fashion line, discovering a Severed Heads B-side and throwing a party in an underground space all in the same conversation. San Francisco lost one [of] the best and will never be the same.”

Rest in Power Bubbles.

(Resident Advisor)